Introduction of National Yang Mei High School

 School address:5 Kao Shih Rd, Yang Mei Town, Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Website address: Tel:03-4789618


Brief History

National Yangmei senior high school began the initial development with only 40 faculties and 530 students. Working strenuously from drudgery and toil and conquering unimaginable hardships, the first principal Mr. Shi Zhending, accompanied by teachers and students back then, reconstructed the campus. The fundamental development was ultimately established after years of relentless effort. The following principals continued to excel and lead, among which were Mr. Feng Yao Chun, Mr. Dong Bao Jing, Mr. Luan Ze Qiu, Mr. Guo Zhi Hua, Mr. Kong Jian Guo, Mrs. Zhong Xiang Hua, Mr. Su Jing Jin and the current principal Mrs. Lin Gui Feng. Following great leaders’ footsteps, students in Yangmei Senior High School are immersed in a dynamic learning environment.



1948 Yangmei, Taoyuan County Junior High School was founded

1951 increased additional high school division, and was thus renamed Yangmei Middle School

1968 reconstructed to Provincial Yangmei Senior High School

1974 set up additional vocational high school division

2000 renamed as National Yangmei Senior High School

2014 new instructional building was completed and opened


School Features

National Yangmei senior high school is characteristic of being credited as one of the High-Quality High Schools in Taiwan. Also, authorized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan as the Benchmarking High School, Yangmei senior high school is granted the special privilege by receiving subsidies from MOE for three consecutive years, which is 30 million NT dollars in total. There are 48 classes in National Yangmei Senior High School, including 9 classes of vocational high school division and 39 classes of comprehensive high school division. Academically, through multiple entrance programs and strengthening on studies, students in Yangmei senior high school are mostly able to attend highly-acclaimed universities and collage after graduation; apart from academic performance, vocational high school division also emphasizes on professional skills as well. In addition, Yangmei senior high school also places a great premium on building students’ characters, with a focus on education in democracy and individual development, paving the way for students’ citizenship. To achieve youth’s full-scale development, Yangmei senior high school in all respects provides students with both harmonious learning atmosphere and favorable environment.



With a view to fostering the best quality talents, highlights on youth’s full-scale education, students’ humanities accomplishments, and teaching efficiency will be the ongoing developmental goal of National Yangmei senior high school.


校長室 Principal’s Office

教務處 Academic Affairs Office

學務處 Student Affairs Office

總務處 General Affairs Office

輔導室 Guidance and Counseling Office

圖書館 Library

人事室 Personnel Office

會計室 Accounting Office